BCNC Culture

The BCNC team starts with passionate students who are driven by opportunities to practice leadership and celebrate success with other young professionals. Our culture builds around innovation, transparency, mentorship, and purpose.


Our board streamlines cross-team communication to increase transparency between different areas of BCNC. This initiative provides each member with an equal opportunity to exercise leadership for projects and creates an environment for easy collaboration.


Our Partner Organizations and professionals encourage us to challenge the status quo, work outside of our comfort zones, and pursue innovative initiatives to achieve extraordinary results


Mentorship lays the foundation for our continued success as a career-development platform. As a tight-knit group, we help each other grow professionally by providing hands-on training, sharing knowledge, and generating positive feedback loops. We also work closely with our alumni to connect each member with professionals from similar vocational interests.


Purpose is deeply ingrained into our culture. Through our transparent practices, emphasis on innovation, and wide range of mentorship opportunities, we enable our members to pursue their professional goals in ways that bring value to our undergraduate community.

Our Team

Justin LeeStrategy


Jamie KuangStrategy

Vice President

Abheek ChananaStrategy

Strategy Advisor

Calvin HarjonoStrategy

Strategy Advisor

Benjamin WangBrand Development

Director of Social Media Marketing

Jordan LimBrand Development

Director of Campus Engagement

Jia Yi SituBrand Development

Director of Events

Caroline DinhBrand Development

Director of Campus Engagement

Alberto PerezProfessional Relations

Director of Finance

Grace ChungProfessional Relations

Director of Professional Networking

Julia TienProfessional Relations

Director of Professional Networking

Annie TuProfessional Relations

Director of Finance

Jacob ShepherdProfessional Relations

Director of Finance

Esther KwakTechnology

Director of Design

Vincent YangTechnology

Director of Technology